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It’s coming up to the end of the year and just like last year, the Odyssey for Smite offers plenty of loot for those with the gems to spare, but just how much will it cost you, and is it worth it?

Apollo gems

With a total 14 items on sale you can expect to pay a total of 5,100 gems. If you’re starting off from scratch¬†you have the option of paying $99.99 USD ($138.44 AUD) for an 8,000 gem package and have 2,900 left over for other uses.

Or you can make multiple transactions, getting the 2,500 package twice for $ 34.99 USD each and then if you still haven’t taken advantage it, the Welcome Pack offers 400 gems for $3.99 USD for a total of $73.97 USD ($102.41 AUD).

As you purchase items, you will also be rewarded with collection bonuses, rewards that can not be bought separately and are unlocked by getting a set number of items listed from the Odyssey.


3 items: We are the ward – Ward skin
6 items: Dragon Knight – Ao Kuang skin
9 items: Beat Box – Pedestal
12 items: The Pantheon – Comic
All 14 items: Ragnarok Force X – Thor tier 5 skin

But in order to get the exclusive items you’ll have to buy them before the end of the Smite World Championship which is set to take place in January 2016.

So is it worth it? Well that comes down to personal preference. Many people argue that the Odyssey is always too expensive but psychology makes us desire things that are exclusive, and it can be a powerful thing.


Of course, the main highlight of the Odyssey is the tier 5 skin, an exclusive once a year skin which changes appearance during the game based on certain conditions. Last year we got the Archon Thanatos skin which was a community suggested and voted skin, receiving praise all around. But the Ragnarok Force X Thor skin has seen mixed views from the public. Thanatos’ skin was praised for its cleaver polar opposite Grim Reaper to angel but there is very little to draw Thor to his skin.

So why the change of approach? Well in the very near future we will see the edition of a all new pantheon, the Japanese pantheon. And Smite wanted something to welcome in new comers. It was decided that a mech anime style skin would be a good way to go.

Along with a appearance changing skin, the Ragnarok Force X skin comes with a new music sound track to really get you in the mood and a hilarious over the top rag doll effect on minions which send them flying to Kingdom Come when you finish them off.

Let us know what you think about this years Odyssey.
Do you think it’s better, worse or on pair with last year’s? Is it a bit too costly? And does the Thor skin appeal to you? Or was there something else you wanted to bring up?


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