After watching many teams play during PAX Australia it was evident that something had really inspired my team to practice hard, I could see they wanted to see themselves on that stage next year. in the many years I have run InVidious I have never witnessed such an amazing event for Australian e-sports to finally have a newer game support the scene in such a massive way it made me really enjoy my job as a managing director.

In the past is been a pretty typical send teams to LAN and achieve what we can on the day and nothing added to that, but I feel the SMITE community was much more than that, it felt like a big get together of long lost friends from all across Australia, it was really amazing to see so much support for all the teams on the day and our team as well even though we just missed out on our place at PAX.

Throughout the SMITE season we made great lengths in such a small period developing a close knit team, to finally see the entire team together in person in one spot only made our team synergy grow exponentially, many of the nights we spent at our beautiful gaming house were drinking nights, but I feel that it was an important part of the team bonding experience.
We managed to scramble many games in along with visiting PAX each day to watch the final of the series unfold before our eyes. Seeing all the games we saw in person is a feeling none could really describe.

Our team was put through great strengths last season and we will only come back wanting more in the upcoming season, the SMITE division is practicing harder in the off season to come up with some next level play to be shown throughout Australia in the coming months, I am really looking forward to seeing the boys to achieve their goals as professional gamers.

I would personally like to thank Hi Rez studios they did an amazing effort putting together the three days of PAX, the entire season and an after party. It is an enormous achievement and one of the largest events to date, from the management to the players everything ran smoothly without a hitch. Coming from management myself I understand the pressure of logistics along with all the other factors in play on how hard it is just getting everyone there and everything to fall into place.

The after party is something that will never be forgotten for many people, I am not sure if its because TopNotch turns out to be a great drunk or whether it was just the free beers for the entire 4 hours it ran for however I will keep this party in my head forever, this was the final night out for the InVidious guys even though it wasn’t a massive celebration for us I still felt like it was an awesome time for the scene as we now have a Worlds contender, and that spot means so many things for Australian e-sports as a whole.

I really hope other games take the standard that Hi Rez has set out in Australia and moves quickly to do larger scale events as this benefits many sponsors and teams wanting to achieve a career or the very least the opportunity to take e-sports further in their personal life. its a hard task running an organisation and even moments where you want to quit but to have events like PAX it reminds us all how wonderful e-sports truly is and how rewarding it can be.

Thanks all,
Rohan ‘Nukleuz’ Ford
Managing director for InVidious

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