DOTA2 LAN Preparation


Having had a long running record of finishing just 4th and 3rd place at LAN events we felt that it was about time we buckled down and really put in the effort to achieve a higher finishing position.

In the lead-up to the LAN event we had a solid roster consisting of: BL00DLocK (Pos 5), EL337 (Pos 4), clate (pos 3), KRanD (Pos 2) and Zuro (Pos 1)

The team was performing well in some online events, having only played with KRanD and EL337 for 2 weeks, and clate for just 1 week. However, we soon ran into the problem of KRanD and EL337 having to complete their HSC Exams which put them out of action for almost 3 weeks. During this period the rest of the team was tasked with playing some solo queue to practice their own skills and iron out any mistakes that could cause problems at LAN. To add insult to injury both players KRanD and EL337 had decided to leave the team following the conclusion of their exams as they would be attending university in a few months time so they felt they would be letting us down with their limited commitment, which was understandable, however it put us in a bit of a predicament with just 2 weeks left before LAN we had to replace a mid and a support player.

IMG_0455As if by pure coincidence one of the teams we had been beating in scrims had our ex-player astora playing for them. That team had apparently disbanded and astora was available to make a return to InVidious as our drafter. On top of that Xavier the mid player for the team also was available and was already mates with clate, so he was swiftly recruited to InVidious and we began our 2 week grind to prepare ourselves for LAN.

IMG_0464With just under a week left we had begun to slow down on practice and prepare our players to travel to Sydney (for those that needed to travel). The first player to arrive was clate, he had been booked to stay in a backpackers hotel as he arrived 2 days early to do some sightseeing and meetup with BL00DLocK and Xavier. next to arrive was astora who was picked up from the airport on the way to central station to subsequently pickup Zuro. Once all players had arrived we headed to the hotel to check-in and chill.

IMG_0467Our next stop was the LAN cafe Titan Cybernet. THe following day we would be playing here at the event but this night it was our last boot camp and the first time we got to boot camp in the same location. Overall this boot camp was the most successful of them all because we all had the opporunity to meet each other and talk to each other face to face, as well as being sat next to each other so communication and synergy was much higher than it would have been if we were all at home.

IMG_0488After all of our Prep we are definitely ready for the LAN and we will be looking to push ourselves to the limit and not only rank higher than 4th-3rd but also get revenge on the team Slapnut Magoo who put us into 3rd at the last LAN we attended.

Written by
Jake ‘BL00DLocK’ McNamara
Captain – DotA 2

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