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  • Farewell PriMe

    We would like to take the time to farewell PriMe from the InVidious management position, PriMe was our Social media manager in the time that...

  • EA Games regaining PC gamers trust?

    EA is reportedly doubling down on PC gamers, with the company saying it’s on a mission to regain the trust of PC gamers across the...

  • Interview with a former COD4 pro

    Sno first of all thank you for taking the time to answer these questions, for those of you who may not know Sno he is...

  • How does CS:Go tick rates work?

    Simplified & Summarized Client-side: fps var: low value = good fps var: high value = bad Server-side: 64 tickrate: sv < 15.625ms = good 64...

  • Xbox One SMITE scene

    the xbox smite scene something that although most of us PC gamers couldn’t tell you much about is very much alive

  • The importance of Coaching

  • Counter Strike: GO

    We are currently seeking applications for mid to high CS:Go teams if this is you please send your details to our management at

  • Rocket League

    We would like to welcome to the InVidious family our Rocket League Pro team

  • SMITE OCE Scene

    After watching many teams play during PAX Australia it was evident that something had really inspired my team to practice hard, I could see they...

  • DOTA2 LAN Preparation

    Having had a long running record of finishing just 4th and 3rd place at LAN events we felt that it was about time we buckled...

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