InVidious all started in 2012 with its inception by Rohan ‘Nukleuz’ Ford, with a massive LAN party background and keen with the idea of professional e-sports a venture into the world of management was created. Over night InVidious created its name being known as the underdogs in the insanely competitive scene of call of duty 4, with our management team on hand we liked what we saw in the scene and decided to branch out to many other games including DOTA2, SMITE, CS:GO, LoL.

We now have many successful teams across Australia competing at the highest level oceanic e-sports has to offer, attending many LANS across Australia, we are now looking to make a name in the international scene, with a goal of becoming a highly regarded and respected organisation, InVidious works directly with the community both as players and organizers to build a strong relationship at a high level. Respect among all in the community is felt building, a one of a kind organisation that is highly regarded among the Australian e-sport community.

Our divisions have attended various LAN tournaments throughout Australia, including LAN-Slide, GigaLAN, Respawn LAN, Pax Australia, CyberGamer sanctioned tournaments and LANS.

Our organisation sets a high standard for professionalism, within a deep culture that is Australian e-sports our teams are highly competitive and dedicated to the cause of becoming professionals in their fields.

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